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Studio Opening - images by dee - Toronto Newborn, baby, family photographer

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My family and I recently moved to Yonge and Steeles. We needed a bigger space for our crazy (but cute) growing toddler. Even though I miss downtown living and window-shopping walks; even though we feel far far away from everything (but closer to a lot of my clients!), I'm still super happy about this move because of THIS. It's small, humble, quaint, but it will do the trick, times a hundred! I tried my best to make my home studio as cozy as possible for all the squishy babies, tired parents, and excited siblings to feel comfortable. Take a look at what it's like as of now, it still needs a few more final touches. If you were thinking of getting portraits of your little one updated, now's a great time! And as my painted canvas below says, I'm sending out lots of sleepy vibes (and giggle vibes too for the older ones hehehe)