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Our gender neutral outdoor baby shower

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About a year ago we had a shower/picnic for our baby on the way! I can't believe how fast time flies. While reminiscing and looking back on the photos taken by both myself and my wonderfully talented friend from Yasmin Al-Samarrai Photography, I decided to post a blog about it :)

Back then we didn't know the sex of the baby (notice how mommy guessed right?). I look at myself and my partner in these photos and I think "they have no idea what's coming!" It has been so tough yet so rewarding being a mom. And what an emotional roller-coaster too! 

I think the baby shower turned out great; lots of little details, a paint your own onesie station, "wear your guess" pins, and personal picnic baskets! So if you're planning your baby shower this summer or fall, here are some photos of ours that may or may not spark your imagination! Enjoy :)

You can follow our son's story on our private blog

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