images by dee

newborn and baby portraiture

About Me

I almost obsessively photograph my baby boy, River. Firstly, because of my passion for photography, and secondly, to capture moments to some day look back on and remember how amazing he was when he first came into the world.

To me, baby photography is profoundly meaningful. I believe that these little ones' perfection and beauty is too precious not to be preserved with timeless photographs. I know first hand what the sleep deprived weeks after giving birth are like (especially with your first baby) but I promise, you'll be glad you had a session done. 

These tiny subjects are a joy to be around and I work hard to achieve beautiful, professional quality images so that you can preserve these fleeting moments forever. They truly grow up too fast! Every baby is special and I strive to capture their uniqueness in every shot.

- Danielle (dee) Petti, BFA